Joana and Kevin Paterson:

We were so very fortunate to have had Tim teach our six year old son how to play the piano. He is very reliable and thoroughly well prepared for each lesson. He tailors exercises and chooses pieces of music to engage and inspire young children.

We find Tim to be a very flexible, patient, understanding and incredibly encouraging teacher. His methods of teaching children made our son’s progress much faster than I could have ever expected and we honestly would recommend Tim to any student.

Professor Stefan Ammer, Senior Lecturer at Elder Conservatorium of Music:

Tim Buckland studied piano with me for three years. During this time he progressed very rapidly. His excellent and fluent technique allowed him to focus on the musical quality of the pieces. He was able to perform demanding repertoire such as Chopin Etudes and Rachmaninoff Preludes to a very high standard. His sensitive sound and his intelligent approach to piano playing gave me much pleasure in his lessons.

I believe that Tim is truly qualified for teaching piano at primary and secondary school level. His personality is well suited for working with children and I am certain that his students will benefit greatly from his teaching.

Joseph Richardson:

Tim has been ‘instrumental’ in developing my ability to play piano properly. I had learned how to play piano when I was very young and only recently decided to pick it up again. Although I could read sheet music at a snail’s pace, I did not understand anything about music theory, chord construction, or the likes. Furthermore, I found it very difficult to keep time when playing pieces I had memorised. Tim quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses in regards to the piano and formulated a unique lesson program to bring my skills up to speed. After only a few lessons I was able to sight read much more quickly, and could understand the music I was playing. He taught me how to recognize patterns, chords and progressions which were crucial for me understand before tackling more difficult pieces. Most importantly, learning from Tim gave me the confidence to perform in front of friends and family. I strongly recommend Tim as a piano teacher for complete beginners and people returning to the piano after a long break, like myself. Not only is he polite and helpful, he is extremely knowledgeable about the piano and teaching techniques!

Anna Poh:

Tim has been my daughter’s piano teacher since year eight. It is a privilege to have Tim as a teacher, mentor and a friend to guide my 16 year old daughter. He has all the elements to inspire my daughter to work harder. Currently, she has just finished her first graded exam and we are very pleased with her result. As such, we are very excited to have Tim continue on as her teacher for as long as possible.

Stephanie Bullock:

Both of my children and myself have been having lessons with Tim for some time, and would highly recommend him as a piano teacher for a child of any age, as well as for an adult learner.

Here’s a nice letter I received from VCASS after one of my students was accepted there: